Technic - Paleta De Sombras 6S Smokey


Badgequo is a cosmetics company with a difference we create high quality products that are both attractively packaged and affordable. All our products are designed and developed in the UK before being manufactured at facilities in the Far East. All products are created and tested for quality and safety according to international standards, ensuring the highest quality products possible. We take compliance and quality assurance extremely seriously, having both a strong regulatory department and quality department in the UK who work very closely with the Far East to ensure all of our products comply with the latest regulations and industry standards worldwide. From make-up bag essentials and sleek cosmetic classics to refreshingly-funky cosmetics and award- winning products, each of our makeup ranges is created with meticulous attention to detail that our customers come to expect. Our inspirational and individual designs set our collections apart from competitors and each range possesses stunning products to suit women with varying tastes and budgets. Highly desirable and irresistibly chic, these cosmetic collections embody everything a women could ask for from a makeup range. We bring you Technic with its innovative products in striking colours are combined with uber-glamorous packaging in this on-trend and vibrant range. Must have range for make-up lovers who love to look fabulous.

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Actualizado: 15/02/20

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