Huahua - Lámpara antimosquitos, usblámpara mosquitera con 360 ° UV LED, con ventosa dispersor, para moscas y mosquitos, para casa, oficina, patio, cocina, Negro


? Compatibilidad resistente: el cargador USB portátil es adecuado para alimentación móvil, adaptador estándar y base USB. Products such as laptops, desktop computers with USB charging can be used.
? Pure physical mosquito killing, mother and baby are safe and at ease, and the adult female mosquito is used to attract and kill at night, and strictly comply with the requirements of mother and baby safety and health.
? Efficient mosquito catching. The mosquito catching area reaches 50 square meters, covering a wide area, suitable for multi-espace use. The bass mosquito lamp works, low power consumption, energy saving and low consumption, good energy saving effect, light sound.
? Purple light is highly effective in attracting mosquitoes. It is surrounded by photocatalysis to double the effect of mosquitoes. It is safe and gentle lighting. It has both human health and mosquitoes.
? It adopts environmental protection PP material, triple anti-escape design, wide entrance + fine mesh funnel + thickened mosquito storage box to achieve accurate mosquito killing.

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Actualizado: 07/08/20

Precio: 26,48€

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