KingDian 60GB 120GB 240GB 480GB 1TB 2TB SATA3 SSD Hard Dive for PC and Laptop (S280 1TB)


1.SATA3 (6.0gbps) Interface, Compatible with SATA2 (3.0 Gbps) Interface and with SATA 3 Connection Cable;
2.Sequential Data Read (s) disco Rendimiento: 550.5/510.4mb/s Boot Time: It Will Be Within 11seconds from Boot to Enter the System;
3.Fast Loading While Play Games and Open Large.Application software (Como PS, A Los); Quiet Running, NO Noise; Anti-Shock; Compatible System: Windows Series, Unix Series, Linux Series, Mac and others nada Systems;
4.Metal Case, Compact and Thin: De grosor de 7 mm, Compatible with9 mm Thick Hard Disk que;
5.Use for Portátil, PC, POS Machines, All-in-One PC, Advertising Machines, Network Terminals, on-board Computers, Video Surveillance, Servers, Medical Products and equipos Storage.

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Actualizado: 04/10/20

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