Kill La Kill - If


KILL la KILL - IF - From the makers of Dragonball FighterZ and the original writer of the anime, Kazuki Nakashima, comes a new action game!
Relive The Anime - Battle systems to relive the various heated scenes in the original anime! Replay your favourite scene to your heart's content!
What IF? - At the end of the 'First Naturals Election', Ragyou appears in front of Satsuki instead of Nui, and triggers an entirely new storyline of this inexplicable series of events!
A Brand New Story - Discover this new plot through the eyes of Satsuki for the very first time as she becomes the lead of the story!
Manoeuvre Around the 3D Battlefield - Perform devastating combos with ease and destroy your opponents!

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Actualizado: 31/01/20

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