HOREVO Plafón LED Lámpara de Techo Regulable con Altavoz Bluetooth 36W 50cm RGB Cambio de color, con mediante mando a distancia, Blanco Calido, ideal Para Salon, Dormitorio Fiesta


Bluetooth Speaker available This Fashionable Ceiling Light is equipped with a Bluetooth Speaker, you are Able to enjoy your favorite music Fills your room All by connecting your Smartphone with the Light via Bluetooth. brightness and Color temperature adjustable with a Remote Controller provided, you are Allowed to adjust the brightness, color temperature and RGB Colors of the Light To Fit your Specific needs. enough brightness This LED Ceiling Light offers you Brilliant Light with enough lúmenes, Excellent Color Rendering and a high Luminous efficiency. you can have it Fixed in a Room of about 160 - 220 Square Foot. it Turns onto Full brightness immediately, Provides you With Brilliant Light without the Warm Up Time That fluorescente Lights require. Night Light Model available no Longer needs to adjust the brightness Many Times Bedtime. This Ceiling Light offers to get a Dim Light That Perfect for you a Night Light Model All by a simple click of the Remote ControllerVersatile. This Fashionable Ceiling Light is perfect for your Lounge, Family Room, living room, Dining Room, and many places WHERE you needs a Bright Ceiling light. Desk Lamp Light LED Desk Lamps Kindle portátil LED lights Table Reading Lights LED lamps C Clamp C Clamp Lighting Eye Protecting by Adopting a milk White housing and QUALIFIED ledes, this Overhead Light Gives Off Uniform and Bright Light without Flickering, Keeping your eyes Free from Harsh and Glare Lights.

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Actualizado: 12/05/19

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