Disco Duro Kingdian (60 / 120 / 240 / 480 Gb) Ssd con 128 Mb de Caché, Interfaz Sata IIi Gris Gris 480Gb


1.SATA3(6.0Gbps) interface, compatible with SATA2(3.0 Gbps) interface;
2.Compatible system: Windows series, Unix Series, Linux Series, Mac and others usual systems;
3.7mm Metal case, compatible with9MM thick hard disk situation;
4.High Speed and Performance :R:519/W:421MB/s ;Faster Boot ti: it will be within 11 seconds from boot to enter the system ; Fast loading while play games and open large application software (such as PS, AI); quiet running, no noise; anti-shock;
5. Use for: tablet pc, Mini-pc, POS Machines, All-in-one PC, On-board Computers, Video Surveillance, Servers, Medical products and can be used on other devices which can use HDD

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Actualizado: 07/09/20

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